Plum Island Kayak - Newburyport, MA

Plum Island Kayak Staff

Below are photos of the current staff here at Plum Island Kayak. Many have been with us through out the years. Beside each photo, in parentheses, is the year that this person started with Plum Island Kayak. If you wish to contact any one of us then please drop us an email at

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Ken & Carrie

(Since 2003)

Cloud (Since 2014)

Rob (Since 2015)


Heath (Since 2015)


"Buddy" (Since 2008 )
Licence No. 7977783 (George W.)

Rick (Since 2008)
Licence No. 7977668 (Richard K.)

Carlie C. (Since 2015)



Sam (Since 2012)


(Since 2010)

John "Hal"

(Since 2004)

Ted C.

(Since 2005)

Kevin (Since 2015)



(Since 2008)


(Since 2009)


Alex (Since 20105)


(Since 2010)


Tim (Since 2016)


Marcel (Since 2014)


Abigail (Since 2016)


Lisa (Since 2016)

MB (Since 2014)

Charlie S. (Since 2014)


Ali (Since 2014)

Emma (Since 2016)



Isaac (Since 2016)